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A determination to making art a prominent part of my life, started as very personal choice. The effort to continue this path stayed consistent.  Decision becoming a passion and a need. 

Artistic goals and aspirations evolve, changing as the art begins to dictate these goals and aspirations. Creating paths and direction; veering, learning, and experimenting.  In choosing artwork for this website, for example, I often peer through periods of work. This approach allows for more clarity of connection through my art. Creativeness being subtle, approach deliberate and direct, often with a sense of order evolving in a spontaneous manner.  "Hard lines with an organic touch."

Art often becomes a reflection, as age happens; seeing in a different ways, revealing the detail of ideas, the flow within art. This connection is displayed within this collection of work. Portrait of art' conveys this concept in a unique personal manner. A peace and calm displayed in my earlier work, especially with the serigraphs. The use of repetitive, bold, simple shapes, with a sense of order isoften used in my art, regardless of its approach. Portrait of art' and Drawn to a Drawing' are similar in its application of multiple images of creating art on different levels.  Process reflecting art.

Below, I have described information as to the materials and techniques used in the artwork shown in this portfolio. I chose a sample of each artwork that is being described.


portrait of art',  a personal approach;  creating an image from a mosaic of images. 340 square details from 80 different works of art. From close, each image can be viewed separately. From a farther distance, each of the 340 images transforms into one single image. It's concept is derived from the realization of the details of my art were themselves becoming art. Having filed over 600 details of my art, I then created this portrait, placing, removing, changing , throughout putting the piece together.

Portrait in Art', Detail, 340 details of 80 artworks, 76" by 63",



drawingPaper,  My grayscale drawings are predominately graphite, with a few charcoal works. Much of my drawing involves layers of material with each layer providing texture for the following layer. Mostly from a harder material to the softest towards the finishing of the piece. The process using charcoal differs from graphite being that the paper almost pulls the charcoal onto its self, whereas graphite involves pushing the medium onto the surface.



Drawings of Color are created with oil pastels. it takes more preparation, due to its limited amount of over drawing. The application of using materials in the relatively same manner was an attractive means of working with color

the beach revisited', oil pastel on paper, 44" by 18"


Drawn to a Drawing',  installation consisting of sixty 3 dimensional objects, chosen of simplistic form and particular purpose. Its intent was derived from the search ofdrawing in a different level and dimension. Bringing objects to a surface suited to the use of graphite. Objects are then brought to a white surface. Graphite is applied in method and technique similarly used in flat surface drawing. Layers of graphite are applied to the white surface, with the purpose of enhancing its shape and/or creating pattern. Very often both are achieved. Drawing on entirely different shapes and textures is a very unique approach and experience. Each object produced independently of one another, allowing for constant change and evolution. Art in motion. Process becoming a more significant part of the art.  Around and through a drawing, allowing for interaction and an ever changing experience. Bringing together each piece in an unique way, as it creates a single work of art.  An infinite source of angles and views. Photography of these objects becomes a role in the theatrics of the ever changing composition. Thus 2D works of art being influenced by The 3D pieces.

sculptured', graphite on wood24" 24" by 48" drawn to a drawing', details, graphite on white 3D objects, life size



Painting',  images in itself, not portions of scenes. Taken from drawings on 3 dimensional objects which allows for a vey personal view and concept of that being seen and created. Creatinga different take on emotions with the use of color. The concepts and ideas for my most recent painting have their roots in the painted/drawn on three dimensional art. Passionately' is an example of an image that has its boundaries, as much of my later work exhibits. Not portions of a scene butthe image being finite. The juxtaposition of realism and a flatter abstraction, hopefully relatively in tune. slight battle of conflict but acceptable. Interacting ideas, formats, techniques, are a constant part of my work for the past ten years. The painting of my reflecting on the 3D objects has been a source of creativeness. Arranging, choreographing images, that which is an unique vision of the final image.

passionately 11 canvas.jpg

Digital Art',   Designed and created solely in a digital format. Allowing for multiples,  there is no original as with most giclees. Its origin is completely digital in concept and production . An original giclee print   Both Westside' and Tale of Houses'  are not only created on the computer through various programs, they are also similar in nature as they were both worked on almost simultaneously, even though there ideas came from different points of time.

westside', digital art, 36" by 18" tales of the houses', digital art, 34" by 19"


giclee prints,  Whether printed as a reproduction of an existing piece of art or a artwork produced solely on the computer, giclee are prints are unique in process. . the image is generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with high archival inks and paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.



Serigraphy',  is a process of passing ink through a template screen. For each color used, a different template screen is created and used. Registration in my particular prints was a very critical part of the process. This particular process of creating multiples lends itself well to my earlier work when large solid areas of color with repetitive shapes were dominant.

yellow house', serigraph, 23" by 16" two red chairs', serigraph, 17" by 11" shorelines", serigraph, 14" by 9.5" sea fever', serigraph, 12" by 8.5"


Patrons, Collections, Awards


Illinois State Library, Gwendolyn Brooks Building,  Percent for Art Award, permanent collection,  Springfield, IL

NIAA Center for the Cultural and Visual Arts, Exhibit,  Bachman Gallery,  Inaugalral season of the center for the Cultural and Performing Arts,  Munster IN

University Club of Chicago, Twelfth Floor Gallery,  Chicago, IL

Chicago Southland Tourism Bureau, award winning art., Flossmoor, IL

Old Town Triangle Association,  Chicago, IL

Indiana University, Gallery Northwest, Tamarack Hall, Gary, IN. 

Watermark Gallery, owner, Homewood, IL  

Riverside Gallery, owner, Morris, IL  

Charles Wusturn Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI  

Milwaukee Museum of Art, Lakefront, Milwaukee, WI  

McDougal, Littell, paintings, children's reader, Evanston, IL    

Open Concepts Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI  

Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, MI    

David Adler Art Center, Libertyville, IL    

Springfield Old Capitol Art Exhibit, Springfield, IL. 

Michigan Avenue Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, IL  

Saint Francis Hospital, Blue Island, IL   

Posen Historical Society, Posen, IL  

Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, IL  

Pilsen Arts District, Exhibition Gallery, Chicago, IL  

57th Street, Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

Winter Park Arts, Winter Park, FL  

Madison Museum of Art, Madison, WI  

Original Ann Arbor Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI    

WGA, Golf IL.  

Maryville Academy,  Desplaines, IL   

Equity Residential, Chicago, IL  

Marshal Gardner Center, Miller Beach/Gary,   IN

Tampa Bay Center for the Arts, Tampa FL  

Evanston Center for the Arts, Evanston, IL.

Whiting Corporation, Whiting IL  

Sweetheart Corporation, Chicago, IL.  

Thorek Hospital, Chicago, IL    

South Suburban Conference,  Art Awards Ceremony,  Guest Speaker, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL    

Arthur and Alice Baer Exhibit, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL, 

David Adler Art Center, Libertyville, IL    

Johnson and Johnson Co,  NJ     

Bridge Communications, Chicago, IL  

Miami Beach Arts, Miami, FL